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As the introduction to this article explained, we have (sortof) a web forum, where Critical Miss readers can discuss roleplaying, life, whatever, and in which we can join in, as and when we feel like it. This forum is not "offical". It isn't run by us, but by a fan of ours called Meg. But it could be described as "affililated". Think of it as our offical fan site.

You can find the forum at:

The forums have now moved. You can find them at:

But I thought it might be sensible if I took the oppitunity to highlight some of the sorts of things that we've been discussing on the forum.

One of the most important things that we've used the forum for is to let people know when we will be visiting conventions, such as our GenCon 2002 UK pub meet:

...and our forthcoming visit to Warpcon 2003:

We've also used it after conventions, to discuss what happened while we were there, such as Gaelcon 2002:

...and Dragonmeet 2002:

Finally, I asked around on the forum itself for recommendations.

Meg (who hosts the forum) came up with these:

First Boo thread (VITAL):

Is Death the End:

Mortal: The Tedium:

Not sure about this one, I think it shows you lot have NO TASTE:

Most Controversial Thread EVER (Girls can't play):

Interesting issue about problem players:

They Fight Crime!:


Game Quotes:

And Mumbles came up with:

The Mountain Dew bottles of piss thread needs acknowledgement if not an article unto itself - it is Critical Miss with the volume turned up until the knob falls off:

And there was that time Megs enforced the ####(L.O.L. - Damn you Megs!) ban and the Mods rebelled:

Well that's a taste of the forum. Take a peek.

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