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This issue's Gaming Record is for the most dubious victory.

One of our favourite games is Robo Rally by Wizards of the Coast.

I tend to win. It's not so much that I'm good, but that the others are crap. I skillfully guide my robot along the various conveyors, turntables and factory zones, whilst the others guide theirs into pits, lasers and can crushers.

I end up the winner, and they end up as a can of baked beans. At least, that's the way it's supposed to work.

Over a series of Saturday night games involving me, Mr and Mrs Demonic, and whoever else happens to be up for it, my record was a dozen or so wins, and two losses. One of those was a tight race which ended in a victory for Mrs Demonic.

The other was, well, suspicious.

On this particular occasion, as on several previous Saturday nights, I'd gone round to Mr and Mrs Demonic's place for the game. But this time something occurred that hadn't occurred before.

Demonic offered me a coffee, which I accepted.

I then proceeded to fuck up. Repeatedly. I miscalculated my route across conveyors. I dived headlong into bottomless pits. I drove into laser zones and got zapped to shit. I died three times, leaving Demonic to cruise to an easy victory.

Now, I'm not saying anything.

But I will just say that this particular game became known as "the Rohypnol game".

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