Hi You Guys Must Be The Party!
There's One In Every Party

There's always one in every party. Kamikaze Keith. Deathwish Dan. The death merchant. The man who could manage to snuff it in a padded cell. You're three play sessions into a scenario with the characters deep in the middle of nowhere and he blunders into the trap, falls off the cliff, or asks the dragon "just what he's going to do about it!"

So does he take it like a man, shrugging his shoulders, picking up his dice and pencils and leaving the rest of you to get on with it? Does he stay away for the next few play sessions until the scenario is over and the player characters get "back to town?"

In a word, no. He wants to roll up a new character and get straight back into the swing of things. But just how the hell do you get this new character into the party?
Let's look at some of the traditional methods...


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