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Falling: A Beginner's Guide



The maths in this article was supplied by my friend not_cub. Unfortunately, it wasn't a smooth process, since he'd done maths to degree level, while I only made it to O-level. We initially met at a point which was too simple for him to explain, but too complex for me to understand.

Not sure what I mean?

Well I've included here a PDF prepared by not_cub (which he has kindly allowed me to distribute) that contains the text of my initial email, and his initial response. The reasons for including this are two-fold:

a) It enables those with some mathematical ability to gain an understanding of how not_cub arrived at the formula we've just published, and to appreciate the work that went into it.

b) It allows everyone else to sample the gibbering terror I experienced when I received an email which contained more maths that I'd ever dreamed existed... and appreciate the work that went into it.


And once again, thanks for not_cub for being patient enough to explain things several times, until I finally managed to understand.

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