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The Ability Indication Chip (The "Idiot" Chip)


Manufacturer's Blurb

The purpose of the Ability Indication Chip (the AIC) is to enable devices to automatically configure their interfaces to the ability of their users. The chip, which has the wearer's IQ encoded into it, can be implanted anywhere on the body. AIC aware systems automatically detect the chip (it passively reflects their transmissions at a range of up to two metres) and configure their user interfaces accordingly.

For example, an ATM (a "cash machine") might use a simplified spoken word interface for users with IQs of below 100.

Note:- Use of this chip is purely voluntary and is intended merely to help customers obtain the most efficient use of AIC aware systems. In no way is this device intended to stigmatise persons on the basis of intelligence.

Reviewer's Notes

This chip can have a number of hilarious consequences, especially where AIC wearers interact with non-AIC wearers.

An AIC aware device will simply read the nearest chip within six metres. So if you - who doesn't have an idiot chip - goes to use a cash machine, and a moron with an idiot chip queues up behind you, you're going to end up a bit confused. Because instead of the normal array of menu options, you might get a cartoon rabbit asking "would you like some money?" in a very slow voice.

Alternatively, some pranksters have adopted the practise of implanting idiot chips into unsuspecting people (often drunks) who then find themselves treated like a moron by every piece of equipment they attempt to use (phones, toasters, ATM, computers, TVs).

Technical Specifications

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