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The Messaging Jacket


Manufacturer's Blurb

Look cool, look different, say what you want to say. This jacket has flexible LCD screens on the front, back and arms, which you can program to display any combination of sound and vision. Multiple images can be loaded into the screens, which the jacket can then cycle through at a rate set by yourself.

Reviewer's Notes

It wasn't long after the release of this product that astute techies realised that you could:

a) Load two images into the screens, one a blank the same colour as the jacket and the other a message (something like "you want to sleep with me" or "give me money"), and then;

b) Set the rate so that the blank is shown for 995 milliseconds, then the message for 5 milliseconds, then the blank and so on.

We think you get the idea.

Use of this product to send such subliminal messages is of course highly unethical and generally illegal, and the practise has been condemned by the manufacturers (with the exception of their marketing department, which hints upon this technique in every single advert they've produced).

Technical Specifications

Cyberpunk 2020